3 Reasons to Keep Up on Oil Changes

3 Reasons to Keep Up on Oil Changes


We tend to take our car's health for granted. Much like our own health, we often don't go to see a specialist until a problem arises, and then wish we would have taken some preventative measures before we found ourselves in the predicament. When it comes to your car, one way to help ensure that everything keeps working as it should is to follow your oil change schedule. People don't often stop to think about it, but we make our cars perform hard labor, and the rigors of that labor can create all kinds of stresses in your engine.

Fresh, high-quality oil is what keeps a hard-working engine happy. Sometimes people will put off an oil change until 4,000 or even 5,000 miles have passed since the last one. This can result in your engine trying to do its job with dirty, sludgy oil, ultimately causing it to work that much harder to get you from place to place. But the reality is that it's just not that hard to make an appointment at your local mechanic to get an oil change and a quick general inspection. Shops offer great deals for oil changes and you might as well take advantage of them before a preventable problem arises and you find yourself wishing you'd gotten in sooner. There are many benefits to keeping up on your oil changes. Here are three:

Engine Performance

Oil is essential to keeping moving parts lubricated. It keeps them from seizing up as it also redistributes the heat from the combustion chamber. In short, oil keeps your engine from blowing up. As your mileage adds up, gunk can build up in your oil, reducing the efficiency with which it does its job. By keeping your oil changed regularly, you're doing your part to help ensure that your car's engine keeps riding along peacefully into the sunset.

Preventative Inspection

As part of an oil change, most shops will perform a routine inspection. It's rare that someone takes a look at the underside of your car, and the oil change is a perfect chance for an automotive professional to do so. This gives the mechanic a chance to give you fair warning of looming problems that can be addressed before they become a nightmare. This is one of the greatest benefits of going in for a scheduled oil change, especially if you go to an actual mechanic's shop for the service.

Resale Value

By keeping official records of scheduled oil changes on file, you'll be able to show them to a prospective buyer when it comes time to sell. This will demonstrate that you've been a responsible, caring car owner who has taken the necessary measures to ensure a healthy vehicle.

If you're ready to get in for an oil change or any other scheduled maintenance, be sure take your car to a professional. In Olympia, the experts to get in touch with are at Lloyd's Automotive and Transmission Specialists at 360-357-7422. Lloyd's has been Olympia's trusted mechanic since 1963.

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